Moe's Tavern is the local tavern in Springfield. The bar is named after its owner: Moe Szyslak. It is the only known tavern in Springfield, (maybe because, like Krusty and Krusty Burger, Moe pays Fat Tony money to make sure that there is no competition), though there is a Joe's Tavern in Shelbyville. It is located right next to King Toot's Music Store and has been featured opposite both Bart's factory, It Blows (the air conditioner store) and a celebrity club. Its also hinted that it was only kept in business because Moe frequently bribes Mayor Quimby whenever he pays an inspection visit.


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About the TavernEditEdit

[1]Moe's Taverns Regular customer Homer SimpsonAdded by Klow

Moe's is said to be one of the places where "everyone knows your name." You can often find Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson and Barney Gumble here, as well as the owner Moe Szyslak. The tavern is notable in many ways. It has the owner's office in the female toilet which is never used, a backroom which often trades in endangered species and harbours fugitives, and the bar itself, which has been supposedly never cleaned. The tavern also includes a saferoom which Moe uses when held up by Snake. The store originally didn't contain a designated driving policy (On St. Patrick's Day, Moe often tells the designated drivers to beat it due to not wanting any cheapskates on the biggest drinking day of the year.)[1], but it eventually ended up implementing it after its drunken patrons managed to cause an increase in various car crashes.[2] It is also open every day of the week except Wednesday, because it is during this time that Moe Szyslak goes to the local homeless shelter to read to the children. The tavern is often robbed by Snake Jailbird.

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Other VersionsEditEdit

Moe's has been turned into many different businesses in an attempt to gain more money, such as a hip club, the bar "Mo's", a family restaurant, as well as a gay nightclub, and in Homer's Barbershop Quartet it's name is Moe's cavern which is a parody of the nightclub where the Beatles played the Cavern Club. Here is a list:

  • MO'S (Gay Bar version)
  • Uncle Moe's Family Feed-Bag
  • The Nag and the Weasel
  • Wisky a Moe-Moe (A dream Moe painted) Parody of Whisky a go-go in LA
  • Sushi Resturant

[2]Moe's patrons (there are two Larrys' visible, an error).Added by Firemime475==Trivia Edit==

In "Moe Letter Blues" Moe mentions moving to Springfield because its zip code on a calculator spells "boobs". This means the zip code for Moe's Tavern is 58008, also in an episode Homer walks to Moe's Tavern and his proud of himself only to find Bart waving at him from their house just up the road, suggesting that Moe's is on Evergreen Terrace and that the Simpson's House Zip ends in 8008.


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